Disease Progression Models

The mathematical modelling of disease progression is an essential part of several projects of the Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI), namely AETIONOMY, EPAD, and RADAR-AD; and it is subject of an entire work package in the European H2020 project “VirtualBrainCloud”.

There are several ways to address this challenge. Whereas AETIONOMY and EPAD aim to understand the progression of Alzheimer´s disease at the level of molecular and imaging biomarkers, RADAR-AD aims to understand to which extent digital signatures recorded by wearable sensors and devices can predict cognitive decline. In addition, the new project VirtualBrainCloud addresses disease progression by personalized simulation of cognition functions over time under the assumption that defined pathophysiology mechanisms impose quantitative impact on excitatory and inhibitory neuronal complexes.

The joint interest in mathematical modelling of disease progression prompted us to come together for a first workshop on disease progression modelling. At the invitation of Martin Hofmann-Apitius of the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (SCAI), leading scientists in the field met for two days in Bonn, Germany, to exchange ideas and to report on their strategies for modelling disease progression in neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric conditions.

The meeting in Bonn marks the starting point for a new initiative of European scientists in this area. We will organise an annual meeting focussing on disease progression modelling – integrating more and more EU projects in that area and stimulating collaboration across funding schemes, countries, and disciplines.

The organizers of this workshop thank all participants for the lively and constructive discussions. Direct follow-up activities of this workshop include the exchange of staff from different laboratories and plans for joint publications.

The workshop was supported by funding to the following projects:

  • H2020 VirtualBrainCloud


Martin Hofmann-Apitius

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